Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 36

By Libba Bray

Chapter 36

Of What Happens When We Pick Up Three Hitchhikers and Free the Snow Globes

  • They're driving through Florida and Cam is wondering whether Dr. X could really be in Disney World.
  • The boys are all on edge because of their wanted status, and Cam gets an idea: They pick up three hitchhikers on their way to the YA! Party House as cover.
  • Balder is scared that the dudebros they've picked up will make him take stupid pictures (like his previous owners tortured him with) so he decides to pretend to just be a yard gnome as self-defense.
  • The hitchhikers are super psyched about the Party House, its hosts Parker and Marisol, and some game called I Double Dog Dare You that sounds like an easy way to injure yourself and disappoint your parents all at the same time.
  • The dudebros are obliviously insulting just about everyone in the car.
  • When they stop at a tourist trap gift shop for snacks and a potty break, Dulcie is there so Cam brings her up to speed.
  • The rest stop has a ton of snow globes for sale and they disturb Dulcie who hates them because they're depressing.
  • Cam buys some gum and instantly regrets it because the cashier recognizes his picture from one of the terrible newspaper headlines about him. Whoops.
  • The cashier attempts to catch Cam for the fifteen grand bounty that's on his head, but Dulcie creates a diversion by "freeing" the snow globes.
  • The cashier opens fire (things just got real, yo), so the boys hightail it outta there.
  • They manage to get the Rocinante back on the highway with everyone on board, and Cam gets a feeling of elation—he's finally living.