Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 37

By Libba Bray

Chapter 37

In Which Dulcie Makes an Accidental Confession

  • They make camp for the night, and while the guys all drunkenly rehash their adventure, Cam reads the story about him and Gonzo in the tabloid he stole from the aggressive cashier.
  • Cam falls asleep, and when he does, he's back in his hospital room—and things aren't good. His parents look awful. The doc is flicking his foot and Cam can't feel it, nor can he move any part of his body at all. Glory gives his dad a business card for hospice care and talks about things like "tough decisions." Gulp.
  • Dulcie is there when Cam wakes up back at the campground. Things start out pretty romantic with a conversation about stars, but they quickly take a turn for the worse when she prognosticates that Left Guy won't die for another forty-two years. Hold up, she can see the future? Cam is not happy.
  • He demands to know his future but Dulcie refuses. Against her will, she tells him the dudebros' futures: Left Guy (a.k.a. Marty) basically turns into a terrible restaurant manager, while Right Guy (a.k.a. Dave) ends up with two kids and a toy train hobby. Sounds dull but he loves it. Middle Guy (a.k.a. Keith) has a future scares the bejeezus out of Cam. Turns out his experiences with Cam and the gang and what transpires at the Party House lead him to drop out of college, join the army, and get blown to bits by a land mine. Yikes.
  • Cam is pretty upset that his actions help lead Keith to his death. He tries to talk Keith out of joining the army in the near future, but gets sidetracked when he shows him the "magic screw" from Old Man Hardware. They all have a great time yucking it up at his expense over his gullibility.
  • Cam gets mad at Dulcie for making him care so much and rips off his E-ticket wristband.
  • Then he angry walks around until he's too exhausted to continue. Everyone's asleep except for Balder, who has retrieved Cam's E-ticket. He waxes nostalgic about his home, and tells Cam that meeting him has given him hope that he'll see it again.