Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 39

By Libba Bray

Chapter 39

In Which Gonzo and I Make an Unscheduled Visit to the Party House

  • They're back in Daytona looking for Balder. The number of girls in their vicinity has alerted them to the state of their stench, so they get a really cheap motel room to shower and freshen up.
  • They start searching the general debauchery for Balder, and a woman named Iphigenia asks Cam if he'll answer a survey. She kind of railroads him into it, and when they're done she offers to get him on a show. Cam realizes this is an opportunity to win some cash, find Balder, and then get out of Dodge, so he accepts.
  • The show is called What's Your Category? and requires Cam to pigeonhole himself into a type; so he goes with "audio boss," mostly for a lack of better options.
  • Cam and Gonzo meet back up, and Gonzo is psyched about Cam's imminent cameo. Gonzo had a brush with show business himself—he got a business card from a guy who wants him on his show Freaks Versus Fantastics. They want put him in a room with a kid who has flippers for arms and hates Little People. Yeah, sounds like a blast…