Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 40

By Libba Bray

Chapter 40

Of What Happens When I Take My Chances on TV

  • Cam gets called into makeup and ends up sitting next to Parker Day himself. He's pretty obnoxious, and Cam tries (unsuccessfully) to figure out exactly what makes him such a star.
  • There are a ton of commercial plugs for Rad Soda, which sounds disgusting.
  • The show begins. Cam will be asked a series of questions about music. With every correct answer the cash values increase, but if you get one wrong you go into the dunking chamber—which is a port-o-potty. So nasty.
  • Once in the dunking chamber of poo, you get asked an all-or-nothing question. If you answer correctly you double your winnings, but if you're wrong you get flushed.
  • They ask him a few questions and they're… weirdly perfect for him. What are the odds that they'd ask about a roadrunner cartoon soundtrack, and then two questions about Junior Webster's "Cypress Grove Blues"? It's convenient, to say the least.
  • However, Cam does get one wrong. According to Parker Day, the album was based on the town in which Junior was born, not the cemetery that Cam had to visit. So now Cam is doubting the path his "signs" have led him down.
  • While he's in the Dunking Chamber (ew), they play a sound bite from a song for Cam to identify. And what do you know? They play the Great Tremolo—phew—which earns Cam six hundred dollars. Sweet.
  • On the next stage over there is a game hosted by Marisol (the VJ the dudebros were so in love with) where you auction off valuable or strange possessions. Keith is there with Balder dressed in a dress and frilly pantaloons. Ugh.
  • They have to be the highest bidder to get Balder back, and while most people drop out around three hundred dollars, Keith's hitchhiker buddies are bidding Cam up.
  • The bidding gets up to six hundred big ones, and the boys lose the auction to the guys they drove there. That's bad karma, man.
  • Then the dudebros give Balder to Marisol as a gift. She thinks he's going to make an excellent new promotional object for a destructive show. Great…
  • While they're still on air, Keith asks Marisol if she wants to "screw," and before she smacks him, he hands her the "magic screw" Cam gave him.
  • Seems like the old man knew what he was doing. The execs watching the taping loved what Keith did with the magic screw and offer him a job as a new YA! Promo guy. Maybe he won't get blown up in the army after all.