Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 41

By Libba Bray

Chapter 41

In Which Gonzo Makes a Life-or-Yard-Gnome Decision

  • Cam and Gonzo spend two hundred of their recently-earned dollars to bribe their way into Marisol's dressing room to save Balder, only to get caught smuggling Balder out of Marisol's room by Parker Day. Oops.
  • Parker agrees to let them take Balder on one condition: Gonzo has to play I Double Dog Dare You. Oh sure, the hypochondriac's really going to go for that one.
  • But you know what? He does. And with that, Gonzo is whisked away by Parker Day.
  • Cam runs into Jenna. She's really happy to see him—albeit confused, too—and now Cam can't shake her.
  • Cam stashes Balder in his motel room for safekeeping. Their plan is to rescue Gonzo before they film I Double Dog Dare You and get out of there before anyone notices.