Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 43

By Libba Bray

Chapter 43

In Which I Discover Eleven Dimensions All in One Person

  • Cam and Staci have a few beers together and he brings her back to his super-classy motel room. Balder has made himself scarce.
  • Staci confesses that she's always liked him. Really? We kind of got a different message in the beginning of the book… She also says that the reason she broke up with Tommy is that he was hooking up with someone else.
  • Staci tells Cam she has big ideas, like a reality show called The Hostess—think of it as The Bachelorette for restaurant gigs.
  • They start making out, and as they do, Cam constantly questions how far Staci is going to let him take things.
  • Staci takes a bathroom break and Cam loses his mojo. He starts playing her Great Tremolo songs to try to get back in the groove, and you can guess how well that goes over.
  • Yeah, Staci thinks it's hysterical, but all of a sudden Cam is struck by the romance of a song and overwhelmed with the longing/sadness/love of it all. And all he can think of is Dulcie.
  • To get her out of his mind, Cam loses his virginity to Staci. It's one approach, we suppose.
  • Staci doesn't waste any time getting out of there once they're finished, though. Can you say awkward?
  • Now it's after midnight and Cam isn't doing so well. He has night sweats, and he can hear Glory saying she just needs a blood pressure reading; she calls him a sweet boy and gives him another hit of morphine.
  • When Cam wakes, Dulcie is there and he's back in his hotel room. He's convinced that he's going to die now that he finally lost his virginity, and he's embarrassed to admit that to his angel.
  • He's also pretty disappointed.
  • Next thing he knows, Dulcie is unfurling her wings to reveal she's naked.
  • They start to kiss, and it's totally different than when he did it with Staci—this time, he's overwhelmed by feelings of happiness and love. Aw.