Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 44

By Libba Bray

Chapter 44

Of What Happens to Gonzo When We Aren't Looking

  • Cam doesn't wake up until the afternoon, and when he does, Dulcie is gone. She left a feather behind, though, and Cam keeps it because he's a little lovesick puppy.
  • Balder is a wee bit miffed at being locked in the closet the whole time, although he's proud of Cam for getting a little action.
  • Oops—Cam totally forgot about Gonzo and his imminent doom at the hands of I Double Dog Dare You.
  • Cam runs around like a mad man trying to find Gonzo, but all he sees are people with hangovers and a guy selling tees that say "Bring Back the Dwarf" with Gonzo's terrified face on them. Apparently there was an electric chair involved. Oh no…
  • Cam finally gives up his search and goes back to his room, dejected.
  • Gonzo shows up, though, triumphant, covered in dye, and sporting a brand-new Mohawk. Oh, and a tattoo of the Buddha Cow with the words How Now Mad Cow?
  • The electric chair was just a prop—phew—and the only thing they really did was shave his head. Gonzo's transformed in more ways than just his choice of hairstyle, though. He's conquered his fears, lived a little, and gained a really good friend named Drew in the process.
  • Drew shows up at the room next, and it turns out he's more than just a friend; he and Gonzo are in love.
  • As they go to leave, there's a mad rush toward the party house because apparently the Copenhagen Interpretation is back and about to perform.