Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 45

By Libba Bray

Chapter 45

In Which the World's Most Famous Band Plays the Most Important Comeback Concert Ever

  • People are losing their dang minds about CI's first appearance in eleven years.
  • The concert is amazing, and everyone is high on life.
  • Cam crowd surfs, and when he's finally let down at the back of the crowd, Dulcie is there.
  • They meet up with Gonzo and crew toward the front. CI announces they're going to take a break to eat some sandwiches when one of them notices Balder and nods. (Remember how he said he'd seen them perform long ago at his home? Bam.)
  • Next thing the guys know, they are backstage eating sandwiches with CI.
  • Cam questions them about their disappearance into other dimensions and whether they saw Dr. X. They did, but only in passing. In general, their answers are pretty vague and just lead to more questions.
  • Their audience with the band is over, and a storm is gathering. Cam thinks this isn't any ordinary storm, though, and that CI are critical to creating a wormhole. He thinks they need to re-create what happened the night the wormhole was opened in order to shut it down.
  • Cam finagles his way back to the band and tells them his plan. They're dubious but willing to cooperate.
  • Even though the execs at YA! are trying to cancel the concert due to the scary-looking storm approaching, CI agrees to play one last song in an attempt to send the fire giants and the Wizard back through the Higgs Field and close the wormhole.
  • Cam rigs the Calabi Yau toy Ed gave him to one of the amplifiers.
  • The fire giants are upon them, and people start to panic.
  • CI starts to play "It's a Small World," but the Calabi Yau falls off the amp. Cam goes and holds it up to the amp, though, getting blown away by the sound, which is suddenly more than just sound.
  • The sonic waves start pushing the fire giants back and the black hole starts to shrink. Eventually the fire giants are just turning into smoke and the hole is just a tiny dot—and then CI is sucked up into the hole again and it closes.