Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 48

By Libba Bray

Chapter 48

In Which the Coyote and the Roadrunner Go Again

  • Gonzo's a bit confused that they're going after Dulcie instead of completing their mission to find Dr. X.
  • Cam is not doing well—he's exhausted, hallucinating, twitching, and generally feeling terrible—so Gonzo volunteers to keep watch while Cam grabs some shut-eye.
  • Cam dreams that he's the roadrunner and the coyote has given up chasing him, which pretty much eliminates all meaning in life.
  • Gonzo wakes him up because the USGW guys have made a delivery into a diner. Cam needs to find out if Dulcie was in it.
  • They con the hostess into letting them check the box, but no Dulcie. Dang.
  • The boys follow the truck, checking delivery after delivery, but no luck. Eventually, though, the truck leads them right to the Magic Kingdom. That's… convenient.