Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 49

By Libba Bray

Chapter 49

Of What Happens When We Hit Fantasyland

  • Cam and Gonzo make their way into the park; Gonzo notices that Cam's E-ticket is pretty much toast.
  • The boys buy disguises, and Cam gives Gonzo the rest of the money (about four hundred bucks). He tells him to go to New York to visit Drew. It sounds an awful lot like a last request, if you ask us.
  • They continue checking snow globes at all the gift shops until they've made their way over to the Small World ride. Cam thinks he sees the old lady from the hospital, but it isn't really her.
  • A USGW delivery guy walks by with a box marked TOMORROWLAND and a pigeon feather lands on Cam's shoulders. This has got to be Dulcie.
  • Right then Cam is captured by a couple of USGW employees—but when Gonzo attempts to save him, Cam waves him off.
  • Cam is suddenly really upset that he's come this far and gotten this close, just to fail. He starts a distraction by singing "It's a Small World" and getting all the kids in line to join in. In the chaos, he's able to run away; he's counting on the fact that the guys can't shoot him at Disney World.
  • They can certainly try, though.
  • Cam makes it to Tomorrowland and hops on a tram ride.
  • Halfway through a tunnel, the ride goes dark and he's convinced they've stopped it to get him. Instead, he sees a door that has a feather on it. Looks like that's where he's going next.