Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 50

By Libba Bray

Chapter 50

Wherein I Visit Tomorrowland

  • Behind the scenes of the ride is a tunnel that ends with a door that has a giant X on it. Inside, Cam finds Dr. X.
  • Mission accomplished, right? Well, almost. Now all he has to do is get Dr. X to cure him. Unfortunately, though, this is easier said than done since Dr. X is a bitter old man whose solution to stopping death is to turn yourself into a snow globe. Yup—he's the one who created United Snow Globe Wholesalers.
  • Cam is pretty much screwed, but he won't leave until he has Dulcie. Dr. X says he can have her if he can tell him one true thing he's learned that's worth living for. Cam's answer is "To live is to love, to love is to live." Not bad.
  • Dulcie-the-snow-globe appears on Dr. X's desk, but he can't free her. Dr. X offers to freeze Cam so he can feel nothing, too, but Cam insists he doesn't want to be numb. This turns out to be some kind of password, like it's the lesson he was supposed to have learned all along.
  • Just then, the Wizard of Reckoning shows up—and he is Cam. Say what?
  • Perhaps even more importantly, though, he has some really bad news: All of this has been in Cam's head all along. The mission has just been a figment of his disease.
  • Cam is upset, to say the least. His wish was to live.
  • But the Wizard/Cam points out that he kind of did get to live. He stopped existing and started living, even though it was all in his head.
  • Cam wants to free Dulcie, but the Wizard refuses, and instead he slices Cam's arm with his sword.
  • Now he's flickering between his hallucination (where he's in Disney with the Wizard) and reality (lying in a hospital bed at St. Jude's).
  • He decides that he's going to make his own reality. He tells the Wizard to catch him if he can, and runs away.