Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 51

By Libba Bray

Chapter 51

In Which Coyote and Roadrunner Meet One Last Time

  • Cam flashes back to an eight-year-old him sitting at the kitchen table with his mom, having a moment.
  • The Wizard shows up and ruins it, though, so Cam runs through some tunnel of his mind's construct to another memory/dream/projection of his Dad effectively dumping Raina.
  • Flash-cut to a grown-up Staci Johnson, hosting her TV show, The Hostess.
  • The next door off the tunnel leads to a little girl named Cameron playing with a garden gnome. When he sees a grown-up Jenna, he realizes the girl is her daughter.
  • Now Cam's Keith, getting blown up by a land mine; next all his experiences blur together, creating myriad dream landscapes.
  • He and the Wizard end up back together in the weird room with the hologram Dr. X, and when the Wizard says, "there's nothing else," Cam remembers about Junior's horn—he's supposed to play the horn when there's nothing else.
  • Cam blows into it as hard as he can, but he doesn't hear a sound. The Wizard did, though, and he recognizes it as a B-flat. Wicked Witch of the West style, all of a sudden he's melting.
  • All the snow globes shatter and explode, so Cam runs to the door. This one opens onto the house by the ocean with the old lady in her garden. He goes right upstairs and there's a bed turned down for him; he climbs in and falls asleep.
  • He sees his family all gathered around him as Glory turns off all the machines that have been keeping him alive. He is being pulled out into the universe, and then the world disappears.
  • Tear.