Study Guide

The Golden Compass Chapter 22

By Philip Pullman

Chapter 22


  • Lyra is shaken from sleep by Thorold the manservant, who says Asriel has gone mad and taken Roger out on the sledge. He needed a child to finish the experiment.
  • Oh, that's what Lord Asriel meant when he said he needed a large jolt of energy. Yikes.
  • Lyra realizes she has messed up big-time. She has betrayed Roger, bringing Lord Asriel the sacrificial child he needed to create the energy to build a bridge to another world.
  • Lyra runs to Iorek and they set off to follow Lord Asriel's sledge tracks.
  • Then Iorek stops. What is he looking at? Lyra sees the Aurora, but Iorek sees something else.
  • They're attacked by enemy witches!
  • Lyra can hear a zeppelin (Mrs. Coulter alert!)
  • The bears fight and the fire thrower takes down the zeppelin.
  • Iorek takes Lyra toward Lord Asriel while the rest stay and fight.
  • Eventually the two reach a bridge. It's damaged and Iorek is too heavy to cross it. Lyra says goodbye and crosses the bridge alone.