Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 20

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 20

Amy Elliott Dunne—July 21, 2011

  • Maureen calls Amy and asks if she wants to join her and her friends for a "field trip." She tells her to wear short sleeves, and Amy assumes that this has something to do with cleaning or doing chores that Maureen isn't able to do anymore.
  • Except that's not it. It's actually a trip to the plasma donation center, where you can make some extra cash by donating blood. The problem is that Amy freaks out over needles and blood, so she's really in the wrong place.
  • Maureen tries to talk her into giving blood by saying it would be good for her to have a little extra money of her own, but she refuses, so instead they wait for Maureen's friends to give blood. A woman comes in and says that she was planning on donating the next day, but her unemployment isn't due for a week and she's out of food—everyone seems to think this is pretty funny.
  • Amy goes to the bathroom. At least she tries to. She passes out after taking two steps. Maureen takes her home and gives her juice and soup, but nobody can find or reach Nick (after the last chapter, we're pretty sure we know where he is, though).
  • Nick gets home and claims that his cell phone died, then begins to lie about where he was. Amy knows he is lying, but stays quiet to avoid a conflict.

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