Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 25

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 25

Nick Dunne—Six Days Gone

  • With Amy gone almost a week now, hope for solving the investigation is beginning to dwindle. To give friends and family a chance to remember her and raise awareness about the case, a candlelight vigil is planned at Tom Sawyer Park. This location was chosen because it allegedly was Amy's favorite place, but Nick is pretty sure this detail was fabricated.
  • In spite of the cops' interrogation and the disastrous Ellen Abbott Show, the Elliotts don't seem convinced that Nick did it, which means they're either the greatest in-laws ever or majorly in denial. Together they begin coming up with a plan to get Nick back in the media's favor.
  • It's not going to be an easy feat. Between Shawna, Noelle, and Nick's lack of an alibi for the morning of, people are moving past the label of suspicious and replacing it with guilty. The worst part? The media has resurrected Nick's actual first name—Lance—which he's spent his whole life running from.
  • The Elliotts, Nick, and Go carpool to the vigil. Rand is clearly uncomfortable and is making a lot of bad jokes, which have the opposite of the intended effect. As they get out of the car, Rand puts his hand on his wife's back, a gesture that causes Nick to make the very un-Nick-like move of bursting into a quiet fit of tears. He wants someone to do that to him right now. The problem is that he's not sure if he wants Amy or Andie.
  • No matter which one he wants, he's definitely got his faithful Boney, who has the nerve to actually smile at him after having ripped his guts out the day before.
  • Go has written a carefully crafted public relations speech to help Nick get back in the people's good graces. It's brief and heartfelt and Nick delivers it with just the right pauses, emphasis, and lack of creepy smiles. The speech goes pretty well—at least until…
  • Noelle Hawthorne makes her way through the crowd accompanied by her triplets. As she passes, Nick's jaw drops as he realizes she's pregnant and will have four kids under the age of four, something he probably wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. The look he gives her will later be the subject of analysis and speculation by the media.
  • Noelle isn't coming forward to get a better view of Nick. She opens her mouth to speak in front of the crowd, and when she does, she loudly demands that Nick answer some questions about her best friend, Amy. And then, she reveals something that Nick wasn't aware of: Amy was pregnant.
  • Wait. What?
  • Go drags Nick back toward the car as the media explodes into a fury of questions about Amy's pregnancy, which Nick ducks as he makes his getaway.

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