Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 27

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 27

Nick Dunne—Six Days Gone

  • Nick and Go escape from the paparazzi and drive away from the vigil. They speculate that Noelle will probably join Shawna in the parade of media-hungry ladies who knew Nick Dunne, and when Go asks him if Amy really was pregnant, Nick claims that if she was, he had no idea.
  • Back at Go's, Rand Elliott calls Nick and demands an answer to the same question. He says that Amy's doctor records have been subpoenaed.
  • Frankly, Nick's response to Rand's question is a little perplexing. He claims that Amy didn't want kids—but once he gets off the phone, he then tells Go that he wanted kids, and that they were trying to have a baby, and even got fertility treatments.
  • Thank goodness for Go, the voice of reason that knows the score and calls him on his lies the way we would all love to. She also calls Nick out on his people-pleasing tendencies, which are tightly woven together with his compulsive lying. Because he's been a lying lie-face for the entire Amy investigation, she's starting to worry about what he might be withholding.
  • When Nick was little, he used to play a game with his mother called Would You Still Love Me If, where they would throw out scenarios that could potentially cause them to lose affection for each other. Go reminds Nick of this and tells him that she would still love him if he'd killed Amy.
  • Andie calls Nick and demands a rendezvous at a shady, abandoned park. Nick drives in circles for ten minutes to make sure he's not being followed, then goes to the designated spot. He's struck by the fact that even though he is suspected of murdering his pregnant wife, Andie still wants to have sex with him. We hear you, Nick.
  • Back at home, Nick awaits the phone call that will confirm whether Amy was pregnant or not. When the phone does ring though, it's Comfort Hill, saying that his father has escaped again and if this continues to happen, he won't be allowed to stay there. Obviously having his estranged father living at his house is the last thing Nick needs right now.
  • Nick looks out the back window and sees his father standing by the riverbank. He goes down to talk to him and his father says that Amy told him he could come to their house whenever he wanted to. Nick calls Comfort Hill, and they send an orderly to take his dad home.
  • Nick gets the news about Amy from Boney herself: Amy was indeed pregnant. Willing himself to respond the correct way, Nick lays his head in his heads and murmurs Oh God, Oh God over and over again. He thinks of Amy lying on the kitchen floor, gripping her belly, her head bashed and bloodied.
  • Hmm…

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