Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 33

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 33

Nick Dunne—Seven Days Gone

  • The only thing more embarrassing than having to hire a celebrity lawyer is having to call your celebrity lawyer and tell him you think your wife is framing you for murder. Tanner Bolt doesn't seem particularly thrilled about this turn of events, but he promises to fly out the next day and help figure things out.
  • Meanwhile Go takes sleeping pills and knocks herself out. Nick, however, is too angry to get any sleep and ends up either sitting inside and stewing or going outside. He's just come back in from one of these ventures outside when there's a knock at the back door. At first he panics and thinks it's the cops, but the persistent knocking gets so obnoxious that he decides to just answer it.
  • It's not the cops, but it's almost that bad—it's Andie. This, of course, means it's time for the cameras to roll on The Scene Where Nick Dumps His Mistress, and it's not going to be pretty. To start off, Andie is mad because she hasn't been able to reach Nick all day—Nick tries to explain that he was busy getting a lawyer, but Andie fails to see the seriousness of this situation.
  • Nick tells Andie that his new lawyer has given him some critical advice, but she won't even let him talk—instead she goes off the handle about how scared she is all the time.
  • Then Nick shares with us some crucial information he's been keeping quiet: Andie is his alibi for the time he was allegedly out on the beach before he went to The Bar. This doesn't necessarily eliminate him as a suspect though, since the last time anyone heard from Amy was their argument the neighbor overheard at eleven the night before. Still, the details are pretty important.
  • What happened was this: Nick got up the morning of the anniversary intending to ask Amy for a divorce and confess that he was in love with someone else. Instead though, Amy stole his thunder by telling him she still loved him, and generally messing with his emotions. Andie was the only remedy to his shame of giving up on telling Amy the truth. Now, though, he can't stand to be alone with her because of how much worse it could make this whole mess.
  • Nick gives Andie the speech Tanner coached him to give, word for word—but it doesn't work. Instead of being understanding, Andie flips out and accuses him of treating her like a dumb college girl and using her for sex; then she calls him severely obscene names. When she tries to leave, Nick attempts to grab her to talk sense into her and get her to understand, but Andie repeatedly screams for him to let go, and when he doesn't listen, she bites him in the face. Ouch.

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