Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 34

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 34

Amy Elliott Dunne—Five Days Gone

  • Ozark Amy, as she names this latest incarnation of herself, is hiding out in the appropriately named Hide-A-Way Cabins, watching her plan of revenge unfold. She too has a disposable cell phone, and the night before, it rang with a call from the alarm security company that arms Nick's dad's house. Amy now knows that Nick's made it to clue number three.
  • The fact that Nick is now on record as trying to break into the house only adds to the suspicion she's already established from the staged attack scene, the poorly cleaned up crime scene, and the news of her pregnancy, which Noelle is sure to let out of the bag shortly.
  • Amy also knew that Ellen Abbott would eat her story with a big spoon. Now that her story is the talk of Ellen's show, it's become a key way that she stays up to date on the latest discoveries in the investigation. Amy watches the show from her hideout, especially enjoying the selfie Nick took with Shawna during the search.
  • Ellen also seems fascinated with the fact that their house is located right on the Mississippi, prompting Amy to reveal to us that she's the one responsible for the shady Google searches on Nick's computer for body float Mississippi River. In reality, Amy thinks Nick wouldn't have been that dramatic if he'd really killed her—he probably would have just put her body in a garbage bag and tossed it in a landfill with the rest of the trash in the house.
  • Amy has also spent the last year saving over $10,000 to sustain her during her time as Dead Amy. She's gathered cash forwards from the credit cards she took out in Nick's name to buy his man cave collection, made small withdrawals from the bank, and even stole from the tip jar in The Bar. This lady is one careful—and seriously sadistic—planner.
  • But it gets worse. Amy says she has to budget her money until she reaches the next stage of her plan, where she commits suicide. Yes folks, you read that right: Amy is going through this whole thing only to kill herself at the end of it. She wants Nick to get the death penalty so badly that she's willing to die to ensure that it happens. After Nick is convicted of murder, she'll go on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico for people who want to anonymously get drunk, where she'll get wasted, take sleeping pills, jump over the side of the boat, and drown herself.
  • Amy—who now goes by the name Lydia—meets a guy named Jeff a few cabins down. Jeff is a hippie who has a seemingly endless supply of fish, which helps Amy out with the food end of things.
  • One thing that hasn't gone according to plan, though, is Andie. Amy thought she'd maybe last a few days tops before telling someone about the affair, especially since, like most girls her age, she can't resist the lure of posting personal information on Facebook. She's even made some veiled mentions of a "dreamy," "hunky" guy who surely has to be Nick.
  • On television, Ellen is showing the selfie again and Amy is jealous of Shawna because Shawna is prettier than her. Sacrificing her good looks was part of the plan—instead of pale, blonde, and waifish, Amy is now overly tan, brunette, and overweight (she's been gaining weight on purpose and hiding in oversized clothes). Still, she likes being ordinary instead of amazing. It's a nice break from, well, her entire life.

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