Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 41

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 41

Nick Dunne—Nine Days Gone

  • Meanwhile, about the time Amy's getting mugged at the shady Ozarks cabin complex, Nick's chilling out watching his Internet debut on Rebecca's blog. The video is getting rave reviews—viewers are actually saying that "maybe he didn't kill her after all." Outside, the camera crews are back and wanting a statement from Nick the Possible Non-Killer. Then they're shouting Go's name, and then Tanner's—the rest of Team Nick is officially in the house.
  • Tanner, though, isn't too pleased with Nick's decision to take the impromptu, Scotch-induced interview. While it couldn't have gone better, it also could have gone way worse, so he advises Nick to never do something like that again.
  • In lieu of another fabulous drunken interview, though, Tanner has a risky—but potentially successful—move lined up: an interview with Sharon Schieber, the most renowned network television reporter in the country. She's basically Ellen Abbott with credibility, someone known for championing the cases of true crime underdogs. She contacted Tanner after Nick's video went viral.
  • There's one catch, though: Nick has to tell Sharon about Andie. It's critical that he be apologetic and paint himself as a loser who ruined his marriage and only saw it once his wife was gone. Just before the show airs, Tanner will also go to Boney and Gilpin and tell them about the affair, as well as the contents of the man cave woodshed. They can't mention Amy's plot to frame him because that still sounds flimsy—but they can present the cops with the pieces and let them assemble the puzzle themselves.
  • Team Nick drives to St. Louis to meet with Tanner's wife, Betsy, who will coach Nick in how to handle the Sharon Schieber interview. Contrary to Nick's expectations of meeting a petite southern belle, Betsy is actually a gorgeous, six-foot tall black woman. Betsy tells Nick up front that he's awful in front of a camera, something that he wasn't exactly unaware of. Worry not, though—she is here to change that.
  • Her tactics, like those of her husband, are rather unorthodox. Every time Nick turns into the Ice Man, she throws a jellybean at him. One jellybean at a time, Betsy coaches Nick through the opening question of how he and Amy got to the position their marriage was in the morning she disappeared.

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