Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 43

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 43

Nick Dunne—Ten Days Gone

  • It's the evening of the big interview with Sharon Schieber, and Go, Tanner, and Betsy—also known as Nick's handlers—are primping him and doing last minute preparations for the taping. While Go trims his hair and Betsy tries to talk him into wearing makeup powder, Tanner gets a phone call from Boney. Nick tells him not to answer it, thinking that she wants to mess with his head, and he doesn't need that right now—dude needs to get his game face on.
  • The producer explains the procedures for the interview, gives him water, and gets him hooked up to the microphone; meanwhile, Betsy wiggles a pocketful of jellybeans toward him.
  • The door dramatically opens, presenting Sharon Schieber, television news queen. Go shakes her hand and tells her how much her and Nick's mother loved her. Everything is all smiles and going great—and then, just like that, it isn't.
  • The producer comes over and whispers something in Sharon's ear. Her smile fades, and she looks at Nick, shocked.

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