Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 44

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 44

Amy Elliott Dunne—Ten Days Gone

  • Amy makes a call to set up a meeting with a mystery person. She's desperate enough to reveal herself to somebody, whom she's agreed to meet at 5:00PM at a shady casino called Horseshoe Alley. She doesn't see this as a defeat—in fact, she was getting tired of living the substandard life of the Hide-A-Way cabins.
  • Amy navigates the suspicious looking characters and gambling addicts in the casino and makes her way to the bar. She notices a bunch of security cameras and gets nervous—she originally thought her anonymity in the crowded casino would make it a good meeting place, but now she isn't sure. Fortunately, the mystery man arrives shortly.
  • Surprise—Amy's call was made to none other than Desi, suicidal stalker boyfriend extraordinaire. Actually, the suicide thing was a lie Amy made up to gain sympathy from her friends and parents. Amy has maintained contact with Desi because she knew he'd be useful if she ever got in a jam—Desi loves rescuing women in trouble.
  • When she sees Desi, Amy breaks down and cries. Not fake, manipulative crying, either, but real, genuine, stress-induced tears. Or so she says—people who are sobbing from being emotionally distraught usually don't time how long their crying spells last (two minutes and forty-eight seconds, for the record).
  • She then spins another tragic tale for Desi of Nick's abuse, embellishing this one for kicks and giggles—now not only is Nick a wife beater, but also a pill-popping alcoholic given to possessive fits of rage. For the grand finale, she says that she just wanted to disappear—she never meant for the murder to get pinned on Nick. Sure enough, all of this piques Desi's sympathies.
  • Desi tells Amy about Nick's visit and how Nick tried to accuse him of murder. Amy is surprised and seems secretly flattered—since she disappeared, Nick has cared more about her than he has for over half of their marriage.
  • As a solution to her dilemma, Desi invites Amy to come stay at his lake house (which is really a mansion) and hide out there.
  • On their way out of the casino, they pass a bar where all the television sets are on and a crowd has gathered to watch the news. Andie is holding a press conference. She's dressed up like a little girl, obviously made by the media to look as innocent as possible. Andie's statement confirming the affair with Nick drips with shame, awkwardness, and childishness, and Amy, the queen of creating new personas, knows she's faking it. So do we, as a matter of fact—after all, this is still the same girl who bit Nick in the face.
  • Based on the comments of people watching in the bar, people are back to hating on Nick. This includes Amy's parents, who also get up and give a statement that they have turned their backs on Nick.
  • Now we know what Sharon Schieber was so shocked about. Let's go back to Nick's side of the story and find out his reaction to the news though, shall we?

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