Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 45

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 45

Nick Dunne—Ten Days Gone

  • Nick and the gang watch Andie and the Elliotts' press conference on television. While Sharon doesn't seem particularly thrilled about this latest turn of events, she proves during the interview that she's still on Nick's side—and Nick, for his part, does an epic job of maintaining his ashamed, regretful husband act. He even plays up the Ellen Abbott angle, stating that shows like hers condition the public to look at the husband in cases like Amy's.
  • After the interview, Tanner and Nick are basking in their success. Even with Andie stealing the thunder of their big bombshell, the fallout still won't be as bad as it would have been without the Sharon Schieber interview. The celebration comes to a grinding halt though, when Go calls Nick and says the cops have warrants for the woodshed and their dad's house.
  • Back at Go's house, the team makes its way to the woodshed, led by Boney and Gilpin. It turns out the situation is worse than Nick thought it was—not only does the woodshed totally look like a man cave, but there are boxes and boxes of pornography. Gilpin makes several inappropriate comments about men being "highly visual" and "having needs," and as he says it, Nick sees Go being put in the back of a cop car.
  • Against Tanner's advice, Go's arrest makes Nick insist on a showdown at the police station where they reveal the truth about what they think is going on. Gilpin and Boney meet them in the conference room, where Boney reveals some startling information: despite the fact that Nick claims he never touched the items in the woodshed, his prints are all over everything. Nick is certain that Amy covered them with his fingers as he slept.
  • But that's not all. Boney's also got another surprise up her sleeve: Amy's diary. Nick insists that Amy didn't keep a diary—and yet all seven years of it are there.

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