Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 46

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 46

Amy Elliott Dunne—Ten Days Gone

  • Amy and Desi drive into Illinois, wipe all the fingerprints off her car, and ditch it in a riverside community that looks down on its luck; then they head back into Missouri and toward Desi's lake house.
  • Amy's allegation that the lake house is really more of a mansion isn't off the mark. It's pretty off the hook—a living room with two fireplaces, a kitchen with granite counters and floors, even what Desi calls an "entertainment room" with pool tables, a bar, a sauna, and a wine cellar.
  • Desi's even taken special care to stock the place with a few of Amy's favorite things. He had her bedroom repainted in dusty rose, her favorite color (in high school), and installed a climate-controlled greenhouse where tulips, her (former) favorite flower, will bloom year-round.
  • You might think that after what Amy's been through, this royal treatment would make her weak in the knees. Not exactly. Desi has only known Amy was coming for less than a day, which means something's way off—the bedroom doesn't smell like it's been freshly painted and the tulips haven't been newly planted. Which raises the question… how long has Desi had these rooms ready?
  • To make things even weirder, Amy asks Desi to give her money and he tells her she doesn't need it. She'll be spending all her time in the lake house and whatever she needs, he can get for her—he gives her forty bucks, though. Amy begins to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

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