Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 48

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 48

Amy Elliott Dunne—Eleven Days Gone

  • Tonight is the big night: the airing of Nick's interview with Sharon Schieber. Amy plans to take a long, hot bath in her new digs and watch the show with a bottle of wine while being disgusted with Nick's stupid, lying face on the television screen. She can't wait to see how he tries to make himself look good when there's absolutely nothing about this situation to like.
  • Her biggest problem right now, though, is Desi. She wants to watch the show alone, but he won't go away, and she can't exactly tell him to leave a house that he owns. He even shows up for Nick's interview with all her favorite foods, though he only lets her eat a few bites of it because he doesn't like the fact that she's gained weight. She thinks about how Nick might have had his drawbacks, but at least he let her do whatever she wanted.
  • Sharon Schieber's show kicks off with an intro ripped straight from any true crime show—pictures of Amy, Nick, and Andie, a dramatic voiceover, even a few stock photos. Watching it, Amy actually feels pretty proud of herself. In faking her own death, she's truly created a brilliant mess.
  • The interview's content is predictable. Nick says that he absolutely did not kill Amy and that her disappearance has been a brutal wake-up call to what an awful husband he's been; he also tries to sweet talk Amy into coming back to him so he can give her the life she deserves. We've heard all this before…
  • Except here's the bizarre part: this time it actually works. We may be aware that Nick's playing the role of the abandoned husband to the hilt, but his false humility and emotion actually woos Amy into believing him. Even as Desi stands by her and explains that he's lying, Amy feels drawn back to him. She decides she can't go on doing this anymore—it's time to get back to Nick.

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