Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 49

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 49

Nick Dunne—Fourteen Days Gone

  • Nick wakes up with a hangover, which obviously means he self-medicated after the disastrous sit-down with Tanner and the cops. Outside Go's house, the camera crews have been camped out for hours—someone let the details about the woodshed slip and they've been there since.
  • The day starts off on a bad note when Nick and Go have a fight about the investigation going downhill, everyone hating Nick again, and whether the Sharon Schieber interview caused Amy to mellow out toward him. Nick even says he's thinking about calling Andie, which really sets Go off.
  • Basically, Nick is stunned at how this case has shattered his relationship with his sister. They used to be closer than close—but after that moment a week ago when Go obviously suspected him of killing Amy, things changed; he's pretty sure that on some level, she still thinks he's guilty and still resents him.
  • Nick decides to go home, and braves the gauntlet of reporters on his way out to his car. To cover him, Go turns on the hose and sprays the whole lot of them, laughing hysterically—and in the chaos, Nick gets away.
  • Temporarily, that is. Back at home, people are protesting in his yard with signs that say "Where is Amy?" and the camera crews are there, too. In his rage, Nick spends the rest of the day fantasizing about for-real killing Amy.
  • His fantasies are interrupted by a visit from his dad, who's broken out of the assisted living home again. He claims he is looking for Amy and repeatedly calls her various obscene names. As he drives him back to the home, Nick realizes something incredible: he and his father finally have something in common. His father may be a full-scale misogynist, but he and Nick both hate one woman—Amy.

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