Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 52

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 52

Amy Elliott Dunne—Forty Days Gone

  • Uh oh—Amy has a wine bottle and some old twine and is working on a project that requires a great deal of discipline. And we've been around the block enough times with her to know what that means.
  • Okay, so we don't completely know what she's up to, but it involves dressing up in a sexy, flimsy dress and seducing Desi. We'll spare you the gory details and just tell you that it works.
  • When that part of the plan's over, she makes her and Desi some martinis. She even adds a special ingredient to his: sleeping pills. They drink and Amy waits for Desi to pass out—and once he does, it's time for stage two of her latest plan to begin.

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