Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 58

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 58

Amy Elliott Dunne—Five Days After the Return

  • Amy expected that once she got home, she'd be able to resume her manipulation of Nick and he'd have learned a lesson. She was wrong. So she decides to take one last "precaution" to ensure that she has him under her thumb for good. Until then, she's going to work on healing their marriage—whatever this means in Amy Land, which is officially one of the scariest places on earth. The morning after he almost chokes her, Amy tells Nick he must learn to love her again and that from now on, things are going to be different. Again—whatever that means.
  • Meanwhile, Amy's enjoying the attention. Nick and her parents pamper her and give her whatever means of comfort she desires. The only problem, though, is that Nick won't back her story. She needs him to admit to the stuff in the woodshed that he never bought. She can tell that Boney thinks her story is suspicious, but the cops look like they screwed up so badly the first time that they're afraid of making another mistake.
  • The investigation of what really happened to Amy Dunne may be coming to a close, but her opportunist parents are totally cashing in. With the renewal of Amazing Amy book sales, the Elliotts have been approached to write a new novel. When they leave North Carthage, they say it's to give Amy and Nick time to heal and regroup—but the truth is that they can't wait to get to work. While this probably should infuriate Amy, she doesn't seem to care. She's shopping her own book deal.
  • Meanwhile, Nick isn't in love with her. Yet. As far as that goes, Amy isn't giving up easily. Not sure if you've noticed yet Shmoopsters, but giving up isn't really her style.

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