Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 59

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 59

Nick Dunne—Thirty Days After the Return

  • The battle is on for control of the Dunne marriage and it's not going to be a good, clean fight. While Amy seems to have had the upper hand in round one, Nick's got big plans for round two—with Boney and Go as his accomplices, he's not messing around when he says it's time for him to take control. Game on.
  • Boney, Go, and Nick meet at IHOP for a covert breakfast to discuss Amy. Basically, the case is closed—everyone, including Gilpin, has declared it over and Dunne with (see what we did there?). Boney, though, has an inkling that Amy's behind all of this, from her disappearance to Desi's murder, but she can't find any proof. Amy even rolled around in Desi's trunk and got pieces of her hair from before she cut it all over it. Boney reminds Nick that Amy can single-handedly undo him simply by pulling the antifreeze accusation out of her hat—Nick knows that if he finds the vomit, he'll gain leverage.
  • There's also no falling back on Jacqueline, Hilary Handy, or Tommy, since all of them look like loonies. Nick gets so desperate that he even suggests bringing Andie on board, but Andie has moved on with her life and now has a boyfriend her own age; Nick texted her once to apologize and got no response.
  • For her part, Go is just ticked off that Nick is still living with Amy and carrying on the charade of being married when Amy's still making him have secret naked confession time in the shower. She tries to convince Nick to stop playing her games and leave.
  • For Nick, though, stopping the game isn't an option. He knows that sooner or later, Amy will crack and he'll be able to finally cause her downfall. Still, it's hard to do that when things keep feeling so much like the days when they actually had a functional marriage. For example, Nick had lobster flown in one night and Amy ended up chasing him around the house with it until they finally quoted a line from a movie at the same time. It's hard, but Nick must remember that she's not the Amy he fell in love with. He's beginning to realize what we already have known: that version of Amy never existed.

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