Study Guide

Gone Girl Chapter 6

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 6

Amy Elliott Dunne—July 5, 2008

  • On this episode of Amy's Retro Diary Entries, our favorite couple is now married and it's their first wedding anniversary. Marriage really seems to agree with Amy—according to her descriptions, she's basically morphed into the classic 1950s housewife, something she didn't think she was capable of doing.
  • The Dunne marriage isn't all Honey, I'm home, where's my dinner, though. They do a lot of insane things, like the time they drove to Delaware to have sex because neither of them had ever had the experience of doing this. They also live in a house (appropriately paid for by the Amazing Amy franchise) that they've painted and decorated themselves, and love doing sweet, mushy things for each other.
  • As we learned from Nick in an earlier chapter, Amy's grand plans for Anniversary One failed miserably, but here, we get to see her own version of the initial optimism she felt for the event. She outlines each of the stops on the ill-fated scavenger hunt and imagines a perfect, romantic anniversary that we have the pleasure of knowing is never going to happen.

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