Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 10

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 10

  • Next day, Pittypat is upset that Scarlett's reputation is gone, but Scarlett figures, well, I'll just go out anyway now and have fun, darn it.
  • Rhett sends Melanie's ring back to her. Scarlett figures he did it so Pittypat will invite him into her house even though he's supposed to be scandalous.
  • Ellen sends Gerald to straighten Scarlett out for dancing inappropriately.
  • Gerald shows up and brings news; Brent Tarleton is sweet on Scarlett's sister Suellen.
  • He tells Scarlett she has to go back to Tara.
  • But Rhett gets Gerald drunk that evening and Scarlett tells him she'll tell Ellen on him for being drunk and rowdy if he forces her to go back to Tara. So he says she can stay where she is.