Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 12

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 12

  • The blockade is tightening and Atlanta is having trouble getting supplies, but Scarlett has boyfriends flocking around her, so she's happy.
  • At Tara, Ellen and Gerald are working hard, and Scarlett is bored when she visits.
  • She's going around with Rhett, who is still scandalous, but has been accepted more or less in Atlanta because of his exploits as a blockade runner.
  • Everyone is impressed with Rhett for a little, but then he sets about making them all hate him by telling them the war isn't sacred and pointing out that the folks in the militia are avoiding the battle at the front.
  • Melanie says she won't refuse Rhett because Ashley says much the same thing in his letters and so it would be dishonest.