Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 13

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 13

  • Rhett is openly accused of speculating and making a profit off of the war scarcity; Melanie still insists on receiving him, though.
  • Banter ensues between Scarlett and Rhett; he is so clear-sighted and brave.
  • He brings her presents and wants her to dress in colors rather than in dull mourning.
  • Does he really like her? What do you think, dear reader?
  • Belle Watling, the town prostitute and bad woman, approaches Melanie with money for the soldiers.
  • Melanie is mortified since good women aren't supposed to speak to bad women, but she takes the money because she is brave and thinks it's the right thing to do.
  • Scarlett is excited at the scandal of it all, but then she realizes Belle tied up the money in a handkerchief from Rhett Butler.
  • Now Scarlett is jealous and angry.