Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 18

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 18

  • Atlanta is in desperate straits, so the homeguard is called out, including the young and the old.
  • John Wilkes, Ashley's father, is going off to war, much to Scarlett's distress.
  • But soon she's back to feeling cranky because there's too much competition from younger girls for the soldiers' attention.
  • Selfishness is always a good distraction for Scarlett.
  • But the war is going badly, more wounded come through, and the women are worried that Atlanta will fall to the Yankees.
  • Scarlett's also worried that the Yankees will attack her family since Tara is near the Yankee troops.
  • They make plans to leave; Scarlett is thinking about going to Tara and sending Melly to Macon, but Melly begs her to stay with her.
  • Besides, Dr. Meade says Melly can't move while pregnant or she'll risk her health.
  • So Aunt Pitty goes off to Macon and Scarlett stays with Melly.