Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 19

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 19

  • The siege is underway, and Scarlett is worried she won't be able to get a doctor when the time comes for Melanie's baby.
  • But Prissy, Scarlett's slave, says she knows how to handle births.
  • Scarlett wanted to send Prissy to Tara with Wade, but the Yankee army's movements make that impossible.
  • Uncle Henry visits them on furlough from the fighting.
  • He tells Scarlett John Wilkes is dead, and asks her to tell Melanie since he can't bring himself to do so.
  • Scarlett is very brave, in this and in other things, so she's on it.
  • Gerald writes and tells Scarlett that Tara has not been overrun by Yankees, but that Carreen is ill with typhoid.
  • Rhett shows up and flirts with her. He tells her he knows she hates Melanie.
  • Then he asks her to be his mistress.
  • Scarlett is shocked, and tells him she doesn't want a bunch of kids for nothing, which isn't the sort of thing a lady would say.
  • She kicks him out, but he's just amused.