Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 24

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 24

  • After night passes, they wake up and go on with the journey.
  • They get to a neighbor's plantation, but it's deserted.
  • Prissy is largely useless, worrying about ghosts and generally whining, so Scarlett curses at her and even beats her. It seems like we're supposed to think this is justified.
  • Melanie is very sick and can barely move, and she doesn't have milk, so her baby can't eat.
  • But finally they get to Tara. The family is there, but Ellen has died of typhoid.
  • Pork, Gerald's servant, tells her that some of the slaves have run away; Pork calls them "trashy." The Yankees have taken most of the food, but Scarlett gets Pork to dig up yams and she remembers where some whisky is hidden as well.
  • Gerald explains that the house was left standing because the Yankees used it as a headquarters.
  • There was a Yankee captain who agreed not to burn the house since there were sick women inside; he helped care for Scarlett's sisters as well.
  • Scarlett gets her father drunk so he'll go to sleep, and drinks a good bit herself.
  • Dilcey is still there, and feeds Melanie's baby.
  • Mammy comes, and Scarlett is relieved to see her and at the same time compares her to a monkey, because even in the most extreme of trials, she can't put down her racism for even a moment.
  • Mammy tells Scarlett about Ellen, who apparently caught typhoid fever while caring for the Slatterys.
  • Mammy says that Ellen died calling Philippe's name.
  • Scarlett decides she will persevere and keep Tara and protect everyone—she's all grown up now, after her trial.