Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 27

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 27

  • Not so fast, though. As they're all contemplating how they're going to be able to slaughter the pigs and eat well, more Yankees show up.
  • They scramble to hide as much as they can—cows, cattle, and pigs—and the Yankees wander around taking everything they can. Because in this book, they're the bad guys.
  • Scarlett convinces the commander not to take Charles's sword since it was used in the Mexican War.
  • The Yankees go, but a soldier who wanted to take the sword sets a fire in the back out of spite.
  • Melanie helps put it out.
  • Scarlett managed to hide a wallet with money in Melanie's baby's diaper, which is resourceful, if also a little icky.
  • Scarlett is forced to admit to herself that Melanie is trustworthy in a pinch.