Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 28

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 28

  • Tara has even less food now that the Yankees came through a second time, so they scrabble and scramble, and Pork manages to steal some food on occasion.
  • Scarlett has a nightmare in which she runs through fog and is pulled under by quicksand (this dream will haunt her for years); she sleeps poorly and becomes thin.
  • Frank Kennedy and some Confederate troops come through, making Suellen and Carreen somewhat happy.
  • Scarlett is contemptuous of Frank because he's old.
  • Frank gives them news: Atlanta isn't entirely destroyed, but it's a mess.
  • Melly thinks about going back to Atlanta, but Scarlett doesn't want to, so they don't.
  • Frank tells Scarlett he wants to marry Suellen. He figures he should tell Scarlett since she's the head of the family.