Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 30

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 30

  • Returning soldiers come through Tara, but there's no news of Ashley or Frank Kennedy.
  • Uncle Peter shows up and demands they come back to Atlanta to take care of Aunt Pittypat.
  • They laugh at him, though, because black people are comical, get it?
  • Peter brings news that Ashley is coming home.
  • Scarlett is happy at first and then she's back to being jealous because such is her way.
  • One sick soldier who comes through is Will Benteen,
  • Carreen nurses him and talks to him, and when he's better, he tells Scarlett that Brent Tarleton had been engaged to Carreen, and that she mourns for him.
  • Scarlett is actually a little jealous, because, again, such is her way.
  • Will decides to stay and help with the farm, which is a big relief to Scarlett.
  • She hopes Will will marry Carreen, but Carreen is permanently heartbroken about Brent.
  • Finally Ashley shows up: Melanie runs to him, but Will stops Scarlett from doing the same since he's figured out she's in love with Ashley, too.