Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 33

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 33

  • Scarlett and Mammy are in Atlanta.
  • There's no one to meet them, and Mammy won't let them hire a carriage because that would be low class.
  • They run into Belle Watling, but Scarlett doesn't speak to her; she realizes she and Belle are the same, both trying to get money from Rhett.
  • And they get to Aunt Pitty's.
  • They gossip; everyone in Atlanta among the formerly well-to-do is being forced to do some unfitting work, which basically means they've all dropped in social class. The horror.
  • Pitty happens to tell her that Rhett is in jail for having killed a black man who insulted a white woman. To be clear: The suggestion is that imprisoning a white man for killing a black man is horribly unjust. What's unjust is this suggestion, though.
  • Rhett's supposed to be very rich from having speculated, and Scarlett hopes she can marry him before he's hanged so she'll get his money and all her troubles will be over. True love.