Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 34

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 34

  • The next day Scarlett visits Rhett in prison.
  • The Yankees let her in, and Scarlett and Rhett banter; as they do, Scarlett tries to convince him she's prosperous and has forgiven him for deserting her and is worried about him.
  • Rhett is almost convinced, but then he notices that her hands are raw and worn, which means she's poor, which means she's lying to him. Oops.
  • He gets her whole story out of her, all while being fairly nasty.
  • Thing is, though, that he's lying to her, too, by pretending he doesn't care about her.
  • Scarlett offers to be his mistress if he'll pay the taxes. He is amused, and also really mean about it.
  • She asks him if he'll give her the money now that she's told the truth and he says he can't.
  • All his money is in distant banks, and he can't draw it out without the Yankees getting it.
  • Scarlett is so angry she faints; there is a bustle. Rhett tells the guards when they come in that Scarlett was overcome by hearing he was going to be executed, which is pretty funny.
  • Rhett tells her she looked too hard and brutal when she offered to be his mistress, that she needs to be feminine to attract a man.
  • He's given her this advice before. So have others. Gone With the Wind: Keeping things racist and sexist since 1936.