Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 35

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 35

  • Scarlett walks back filled with rage, and has fantasies of whipping black people who look at her. Nice.
  • Her dress gets wet and ruined.
  • Frank Kennedy comes by in a carriage and picks her up.
  • He tells her he has a store and is doing well; he plans to buy a mill and thinks he can make a lot of money.
  • When she hears money, Scarlett perks up. She hopes he'll lend her the taxes, but figures he won't, because he's saved the money to marry Suellen.
  • She figures Sue doesn't deserve Frank and the store and the mill, so she determines to get him and them for herself. Reminder: Sue is her sister.
  • Scarlett flirts with Frank shamelessly and he is like putty in her paws.
  • Also, she lies to him flat-out and tells him Suellen doesn't want to marry him any more.
  • Scarlett goes to the wedding of Fanny Elsing.
  • She realizes for the n-teenth time that she's not like other Southerners because she moves on and they're stuck in the past.
  • And guess what? Scarlett thinks that she's going to get money.