Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 39

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 39

  • Scarlett goes back to Tara to deal with Gerald's death.
  • Will meets her and asks if he can marry Suellen, which surprises Scarlett since she thought he loved Carreen.
  • He does, but Carreen will never love again after Brent, and Will tells Scarlett to let her go to a convent when she asks.
  • Also, Ashley and Melly are going to leave soon, because Ashley feels like he's living on charity; they're planning on heading north.
  • Scarlett doesn't want Ashley to get away, and decides to offer him an interest in her mill and tell him she needs him, though she doesn't really.
  • Will explains how Gerald died.
  • Suellen decided they could get repayment for the damage the Yankees did to Tara if Gerald swore an oath of loyalty to the union, something she figured she could get him to do because he wouldn't know what he was doing.
  • She'd arranged it with Hinton so they'd let him pass with the oath.
  • But Gerald comes to himself just enough to refuse to sign and runs out and takes his horse and tries to jump a fence and misses it and dies.