Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 4

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 4

  • Scarlett is sad and cranky because Ashley is getting married.
  • Scarlett and Gerald are having dinner.
  • There's some nauseating stuff where Pork and Dilcey bow and scrape because Gerald has deigned to let them live together as man and wife.
  • Scarlett meets Prissy, who is to be her servant.
  • Ellen returns; the Slattery's baby died.
  • There's some talk about the war, and Scarlett and her sisters whine about their dresses for the party the next day. Then they all go off to chapel and pray.
  • While praying, Scarlett realizes Ashley doesn't know she loves him.
  • So she figures she'll tell him and he'll elope with her and that'll be all.
  • The prayers end and Ellen tells Gerald he has to get rid of Jonas Wilkerson, the Yankee overseer, whom they think is the father of Emmy Slattery's dead baby.
  • The chapter ends with Scarlett daydreaming again.