Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 44

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 44

  • And more about how free black people are out of hand, wanting to vote just as if they were humans and citizens.
  • Archie has abandoned Scarlett for using convict labor, so she rides about with a pistol in order to keep a handle on her business.
  • While out, she runs into Big Sam, the foreman at Tara.
  • In what is maybe the single most racist moment in the book, Sam tells her that he resents the Yankees treating him as if he's equal.
  • Scarlett wants to hire Sam to drive her, but he says he needs to get away to Tara because he killed a white Yankee soldier.
  • Scarlett feels she still owns Sam and so must protect him. Er…
  • Scarlett gets out to the mill, where she discovers that Johnnie Gallagher isn't feeding the convicts the food she buys for them, but is instead selling it for his own profit and letting the convicts starve.
  • She upbraids him, but he tells her he'll quit if she gives him trouble, and she doesn't have a replacement so she's stuck.
  • Scarlett goes back to Shantytown to meet Sam, but she's attacked for her money by a white man and a black man.
  • Sam appears and rescues her.