Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 49

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 49

  • Back to Atlanta, where the women are talking about how they hate Scarlett.
  • Melanie overhears India and Mrs. Merriwether and says that India is still jealous of Scarlett for stealing Stuart from her.
  • Melanie gets the other women to agree to call on Scarlett.
  • Rhett knows they won't really accept her in society, and he warns her she'll be in trouble when the Yankees get back in power.
  • Scarlett has Bullock in her house and that makes everyone even more upset; even Melly won't meet him there.
  • Then sweet Melly spews some racist swill about how horrible it is that black people have power over them because of the Yankees.
  • The book spends some time on how vulgar the Yankees are.
  • Rhett is still restrained and crabby and in love, but won't say anything because he's still spineless.