Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 5

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 5

  • Scarlett tries to figure out which dress to wear to the party to bewitch Ashley.
  • Mammy comes in and tries to convince her to eat so that she'll be stuffed at the party and won't eat there because real women don't eat in public, apparently. Not even quiche.
  • Scarlett is stuffed and tied tight into her corset, and then it's off to the barbecue with Gerald.
  • They run into the Tarletons and talk about horses, because that's what Mrs. Tarleton talks about when she talks about anything.
  • They all burble cheerfully about Ashley getting married, which disturbs Scarlett.
  • She holds onto her conviction that she can get him to marry her, though.
  • Remember: Scarlett's only sixteen, so though she behaves like a spoiled child, she also is a child. And as for the spoiled part, well, we're inclined to blame her parents.