Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 53

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 53

  • It's Ashley's birthday, and there's a surprise reception for him.
  • Scarlett goes to see Ashley at the mill and discovers that he already knows there's going to be a party; a lot of the men have told him.
  • They talk about the old days and Scarlett is surprised to find that she's not in love with him in the same way.
  • She cries thinking about the past and Ashley hugs her; India, Archie, and Mrs. Elsing catch them embracing.
  • They were only embracing as friends, but Scarlett knows everyone will believe they're lovers, and is afraid especially of facing Melanie.
  • She thinks she won't go to the party, but Rhett (whom Archie told) insists that she must or she'll be completely cast out.
  • Rhett believes she was cheating on him with Ashley, and is quite cruel to her.
  • Scarlett goes to the party and Melly greets her and asks her to do the receiving with her because India couldn't make it