Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 56

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 56

  • Scarlett can't ever see Ashley now, and is worried that he hates her.
  • She also misses Rhett.
  • And then she discovers that she's pregnant.
  • She doesn't want to write Rhett, though, and show weakness.
  • He finally comes back and when she tells him she's pregnant, he suggests the baby might be Ashley's, and then when she tells him it's his, he says she can hope for a miscarriage.
  • She swings at him, he moves away, and down the stairs she falls.
  • So she does in fact miscarry.
  • Melanie nurses her.
  • Rhett completely falls apart and Melly finds him confessing and guilty, babbling about Belle and how Scarlett didn't really want a baby.
  • He's whining about how she didn't really love him and how he's awful. Ugh.