Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 61

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 61

  • Melly had a miscarriage and is dying.
  • She asks for Scarlett, but Scarlett is afraid she knows about her and Ashley, but Melly doesn't, which is a relief.
  • Instead she asks Scarlett to look after her son and to look after Ashley.
  • Scarlett realizes Melly has always been there for her and that she loves her and doesn't know how to go on without her. She's a little late on this realization, if we do say so ourselves.
  • Anyway, she goes out to see Ashley, who is bereft.
  • She tells him he's an idiot and should have known long ago that he loves Melanie, not her.
  • He should have told her that he didn't love her, and they both could have just gotten on with it.
  • Then she feels bad because it's Ashley, so this is kind of like kicking a puppy.
  • She realizes she never loved Ashley, who is useless, but now she's promised Melly she'll take care of him, so she'll have to.