Study Guide

Gone With the Wind Chapter 63

By Margaret Mitchell

Chapter 63

  • Rhett is drunk and being awful.
  • He thinks Scarlett wants to get a divorce and marry Ashley, but she tells Rhett she loves him and has for years and never loved Ashley.
  • Unfortunately, Rhett doesn't love her anymore.
  • He says he loved her before, but he was afraid to tell her because she treated the men who loved her badly.
  • He reveals all and she says they can start over, and he says no because he's afraid of being hurt.
  • He says he's going away to England or Paris to get away from her, or maybe to Charleston to make up with his family.
  • She asks him what she'll do and he says he doesn't care.
  • Scarlett decides to go back to Tara, and determines to get Rhett back.
  • Not sure if you've noticed, but Scarlett usually gets what she wants.